Microsoft is redesigning Skype once again

Skype has dropped a feature similar to Snapchat and Instagram’s “Story” highlight reels, in a back-to-basics redesign prioritizing “simplicity.”
The Microsoft-owned messaging and video-calling service said it was shaping up the Skype mobile and desktop apps to make it easier for users to navigate and find contacts — and that includes ditching its “Highlights” feature.
“This past year we explored some design changes and heard from customers that we overcomplicated some of our core scenarios,” Peter Skillman, director of design for Skype and Outlook, said in a blog post. “Calling became harder to execute and ‘Highlights’ didn’t resonate with a majority of users.”

The mobile version of the app will include three buttons at the bottom, to open up chats, calls, and contacts.
The desktop version moves those buttons, in addition to notifications, to the top left corner.

Skilman said, ‘There was a problem calling the new design. Highlight did not seem logical to most users. We’re going to make things easier. Skype Lite and Dark Themes will come as a video and voice platform, which can be used by user preferences. He said that new features will be brought forward in calling, chat, and contact.
Microsoft has also said to add end-to-end encryption to Skype personalized conversations.

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